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MY STORY was founded in 2019, when I realize - I should share these works. 


Art has always been a definitive part of my life. My first memories are those of me 'repenting' in an apron - I had to scrub my walls clean of crayons as I was being punished for drawing all over my house. Clearly, that punishment didn't do anything. Poor mum! 


 I love sketching overseas onsite - The ability to soak in that tranquil moment of being there, sketching in that specific environment, serves as great memories of that particular place I visited.


Every few years, I would push myself to master a new medium or craft. I've always stressed about getting everything perfect - there's nothing called 'perfect' in art - and slowly, getting used to the idea of not fully knowing how each of the final works will turn out, and still loving them all was a great learning hurdle I went through exploring abstract art. was thus born from moving away from what I was comfortable with and embracing change, uncertainty and fluidity. Now, it taught me how to battle against insecurities and offers me a new way of viewing the world. 


Archival Ink Pen - Sakura Micro pigment black


Holbein Artists' Watercolours


Epoxy Resin is a versatile material that's used in a wide variety of crafts. Resin starts as a liquid and then hardens, so it can be poured into molds, or items like dried flowers, insects can be added within, or used to create thick, glossy topcoats or pours.

The finish of each of my original works is a clear, sleek and glossy sheen that reflects light beautifully. 

I use Art Resin for all my abstract works. It is well known for its superior yellowing protection and anti-discolouration. It is non-toxic and safe for incidental and direct contact with food.

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